10 Funny Thoughts You’ve Probably Had During Yoga Class

Posted on January 18 2018

10 Funny Thoughts You’ve Probably Had During Yoga Class


As serious as we try to take it, it can be hard to not let your mind wander to silly things during yoga class.

I mean, let’s be real for a second: it’s a room full of people sticking their sweaty buts in the air and holding themselves in goofy positions. There’s a lot to laugh at!

But beyond that, our minds are just strange places… and that definitely comes through in our serene moments when our minds just will not keep itself quiet.

If you’ve been to a few yoga classes yourself, I guarantee you’ve had some of (if not all) these thoughts pop into your mind. They’re true for beginners and experts alike. No matter how experienced you are, there’s always room for a little stifled laugh in the middle of practice.

Hey, laughter is good for the soul anyway!

But in all seriousness, yoga is damn hard work. People seriously underestimate the amount of strength and determination it takes to survive some of the poses.

It’s like any other fitness class! The instructor is there to push you to be your best. Only… they’re doing it in a super quiet, calm, and confusing manner. The classes are always a one-way ticket on the struggle bus, but the feeling of total body bliss afterwards is a reminder of why you started practicing in the first place!

So, if you’re the type of yogi who can laugh at their failures, find humor in everyday situations, and likes to share a giggle about the goings on in class after the fact with your fellow yogis, this article is definitely for you!

It’s Not Serious, It’s Yoga!

You know you’ve had these thoughts. We all have.

Let’s collectively laugh at ourselves together. Ready? Here we go!

  1. Why is it so hot in here? Are they trying to make my yoga mat into a life raft so I don’t drown in my own pool of sweat on purpose? Seriously this place could be burning down to the ground and nobody would notice a difference. Oh no, now my hands are slipping…. Help!
  2. This is so healthy. So healthy that it doesn’t even matter that I had five shots of tequila last night. It’ll all detox out from this one session, right?
  3. Did I miss out on some group text about matching outfits today? I swear I just walked into a yogatwist catalogue :) . I’ll just be over here in my Old Navy yoga pants and ratty college t-shirt then, I guess.
  4. Whose idea was it to put mirrors in here anyway? I definitely did not want to see myself like that… ever. Is there yoga insurance for forgetting what I look like during child’s pose or what? Is there therapy for that?
  5. Hey now, you said we’d be doing this pose for three breaths. It’s been way more than that. I’m dying. Please switch poses, please switch poses, PLEASE. SWITCH. POSES. Okay, phew. Can we have a break? No? Okay.
  6. Everybody else’s heels touch the ground in this pose. My ankles don’t bend like that. Am I doing something wrong? Oh god, what am I doing wrong? I hope nobody notices.
  7. You keep saying to breathe in deeply, yes, I heard you, yes, that would be fantastic if I could breathe at all. I’d rather suffocate than fail this pose, though. I wonder what they’ll write on my grave stone…. Oh, it’s over. Thank god. Air.
  8. At least the class is at least half over by now. It has to be half over. It’s been so long. We’ll be done soon, yes! Wait. That clock says it has only been fifteen minutes…. It’s a ninety-minute class… are you kidding me? It has to be wrong. Please be wrong.
  9. Oh dear, I just got a whiff of myself. I hope nobody notices. Does anybody else smell like this? Did I forget to put deodorant on today? No. I definitely remembered. Maybe if I just ignore it… wait… did I even wash this pants after last week? Crap. That’s the culprit: sweaty pants.
  10. Why do people even do yoga? It’s so damn hard. This isn’t worth it. It’s not worth it at… oh, it’s over? Savasana now? I survived? Oh. Neat. Ahhhhh relaxation. That was amazing. I can’t wait for next week!

Okay, so maybe it’s not as bad as I made it seem.

But I swear, some classes really are that bad!

However, there’s a total zen in the focus on the moment that yoga forces. You get so focused on how something feels, how sore it makes you, how tired certain parts of your body are that you totally forget about all the woes outside of class.

It’s like meditation, in a way. A really exhausting, hard-working meditation. But no matter how tough class is or how far your mind wanders during your practice, that sense of accomplishment at the end is totally and completely worth it!

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