10 Opinions & Thoughts from Your Mom on Yoga

Posted on May 08 2018

Thoughts from your mum on yoga

Getting dad into yoga is one thing but getting mom into it is a different thing entirely. For some, getting mom interested in the world of yoga is quite easy.

Some moms might even have been the ones to get YOU into yoga in the first place! But for others, well… mom knows best… so she thinks!

Moms have different reasons for giving your suggestions at starting yoga with you the stink eye.

Their reasons revolve less around, “well, that’s not really my style” and have more practical reasons attached to it. “I don’t have the time.” “My knees can’t handle that.” “Nobody wants to see me in yoga pants, trust me!” “I’m too old for that.” And a million and one other excuses to avoid it all together.

If you’ve tried to convince your mom into doing yoga with you, here are ten things you’ve probably heard or experienced from her.

Don’t worry moms, we still love you! But we will convince you one of these days… mwahahaha!

  1. When you mention that a certain class was hard.

    “Hard? Try being in labor for twenty hours and having a baby practically rip you in half!” Okay, well, nothing can really compare to having a baby… so I guess… okay, yeah, you’re right mom. Sorry we brought it up!

    But then you just go and tell your yoga friends how you managed to nail a pose that was particularly difficult for you and they get it. Still, mom is the original bada** and we can’t take that from her!
  2. When you tell her that you think she’d totally love yoga.

    “Next to all those sweaty people? Doesn’t it smell bad?” Ugh, yes, sometimes, and the sweat isn’t exactly glamorous, but we promise that the good outweighs the bad! If only we could find the exact right way to get her to understand and believe us… she really would love it!
  3. When you say that a pose is “delicious” and she looks at you like you have ten heads.

    Hey, if you aren’t willing to give it a try, you don’t get to know! But yes, I will take you up on your offer of seeing what delicious really is. Please do make that mac and cheese from scratch to prove a point. I’ll take two bowls, please and thanks!
  4. When you try to tell her that anger doesn’t solve problems.

    “Anger? You haven’t seen anger yet, young lady!” Okay, hopefully your mom isn’t that mean. But hey, a hot temper runs in the family! There’s no convincing her that the driver who cut her off isn’t a jerk that deserves to be cussed out from safely inside the car’s closed windows and doors. But hey, you gave it a try!
  5. When she equates it to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

    No, no, no! This is totally different! It’s not just a fad. Yoga is over 5,000 years old! If it’s a fad, it’s a pretty long lasting one. Maybe share with her some of the benefits that yoga has on your physical health and mental health. It’s so much more than just a workout or a trend! Try not to let this comment get to you. Remember, anger doesn’t serve you!
  6. When she overhears you doing different breathing exercises.

    Then you have to explain that yeah, they sound weird and their kind of funny, but they work and feel great! Still, good luck getting her to try it for herself! It might be something that is better eased into. Still, that lion’s breath though? Can we talk about how empowering that is? Because it’s seriously a m a z i n g.
  7. When you see that she’s been peeping some YouTube videos about yoga.

    Oh man, this feels great. It’s working! She’s coming around. But don’t let her know you found them. Save your “I told you so’s” for when she’s finally hooked. Because we know that she definitely will be once she gives it a serious try!
  8. When she criticizes you for wearing yoga pants all the time, even when you don’t have a class.

    Just wait until she tries a pair on for herself. She’ll never go back to regular pants again! Yoga pants are life-changing, let’s be real. Just don’t let her see their prices yet. Yikes!
  9. When you visit her and see that she’s wearing yoga pants too.

    I told you so, I told you so, I told you so! Now you can be limber and mobile goddesses together. Ugh yes, the apple doesn’t fall far, does it?

  10. When she finally tries a yoga class and loves it.

    Finally! #MotherDaughterGoals. What better yoga buddy is there than your own mom?  Well, maybe your dad, but that’s a journey for another day. For now, you can feel content that you’ve completed your mission of proving to your mom that you were right all along. You can even try the mother daughter yoga challenge.Yoga is amazing!

Moms and daughters often have a lot in common.

But things can get a little sticky when mom feels like the daughter is intruding on her territory of “momma knows best”.

But hey, yoga is empowering and healthy and it has room for the both of you!

Getting your mom to understand your passion for yoga may not be an easy journey, but it’s totally worth it when you can finally snag a pair of matching yoga mats and start taking classes together.

Who says mom can’t be your bff too?!

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