10 Reasons Men Should Date a Yogi Girl

Posted on March 08 2018

10 Reasons Men Should Date a Yogi Girl


For once I wanted to write an article for our guys, so I tried to keep a male point of view (thanks chris and john for the hints.)

ok  I wanted to write an article that would help every yogi girl find a boyfriend haha. I am also a yogi girl as you can imagine....

ok let's get started.

Should date? “Should” is a tricky word. Of course, nobody “should” date anybody.

Heck, we all have our preferences and our weaknesses for certain types of people.

But when it comes to the yogi girl, it’s hard to deny the overwhelming benefits that they bring to relationships.

By now, you probably already have some idea of what the perks of dating a yogi girl would be.

But there may be some that you haven’t considered. Read on and find out all the amazing reasons why yogi girls make the best lovers.

Reasons to Ask a Yogi Girl Out for a Date

If you already have a yogi girl in your life, don’t forget to appreciate her for all the amazing things she is!

  1. She has a rockin’ bod.

    Yoga challenges the entire body. Because of that, you shred fat and build muscle at the same time. Add in some flexibility, and you’ve got a firecracker hot girl with a great butt, fit body, and enough strength to hold her own in a wrestling match. You know what I’m sayin’.
  2. She’s confident.

    Yoga doesn’t just help the body to look great, it actually makes it feel great too. It relieves pain by keeping the joints limber and the muscles stretched. A happy body makes for a happy woman, and that’s exactly what you’ve got with a yoga girl. She knows she looks great and she feels great too. That translates to an unshakable confidence that you can take home to meet your family!
  3. She’s flexible.

    Call her Betty Spaghetti if you will, but this chick can bend! Yoga demands flexibility and each pose is designed to help the body become more flexible. You can use your imagination for why physical flexibility is a neat benefit to dating a yogi girl.
  4. She’s adventurous.

    Most yogi girls get into yoga because they want to try something new. This spirit is what leads most of these girls to be more adventurous than other girls. They’ll always want to try something new, visit somewhere new, and are always on the lookout for new fantastic experiences. Never a dull moment!
  5. She’s healthy.

    Yogi girls are aware of their health. Yoga helps the body stay healthy and get healthier because its physical activity. But beyond that, the culture of yoga itself promotes health and wellbeing. Chances are she has already subscribed to that culture and is on a path to becoming her healthiest self!
  6. She’s down to earth.

    Yoga helps with keeping emotions balanced and in control because well… our entire practice is based on staying in control and balancing ourselves! By dating a yogi girl, you know that you’ll be with someone who always gets it, understands, and is willing to work through things without losing it. Pretty neat, eh?
  7. She’ll stay grounded.

    If you want somebody who will keep their cool and remain peaceful even when tensions are high, look no further than your local yoga spots! Yogi girls are cool and keep themselves rooted with their peaceful nature. We’re kinda down with the whole peace thing.
  8. She’ll be a positive influence on you.

    Yoga people are pretty damn positive all around. You have endorphins to thank for that. But that positivity isn’t localized to just yoga class itself. Oh no. She’ll be positive and upbeat most of the time, taking both of you soaring on cloud nine on the daily!
  9. She’ll be super loving.

    There’s so much love in a yogi girls heart. She loves herself, she loves her practice, she loves her instructor, and she’ll love you, too! If you’re into somebody who is reassuring, affectionate, and just loving all around, you’ve got to get yourself one of those great yogi girls!
  10. She’ll be passionate.

    Last but certainly not least on this list is a yogi girl’s passion. Yoga is ripe with passionate people who have a drive to succeed in their goals. That passion spills out into the rest of their lives and ensures that they pour everything, mind body and soul, into what they believe in. If your relationship is on that list, then you can be sure she’s going to be passionate as heck in you and your relationship. Who can say no to that?!

If yogi girl wasn’t on your short-list for dream girls, it certainly is now!

Yogi girls are all around great people who have a lot to give to their prospective partners.

It all stems from a love for themselves and the life they lead. If you’re looking for somebody who will help you become a better person that lives life to the fullest, look no further than the yogi girl!


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