11 Reasons Not to Date Your Yoga Teacher

Posted on January 08 2018

11 Reasons Not to Date Your Yoga Teacher


Who HASN’T had a hot yoga teacher that they’ve eyed up a few times during practice?

In the fitness world, particularly in yoga, there’s no shortage of great looking people in amazing shape. Add in the sensitivity and spirituality that often accompanies yogis, and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect boyfriend.

And he’s within arm’s reach week by week bending his body in drool-worthy poses.

The temptation is real!

Yoga instructors always have the friendliest smiles, the best music, the realest attitudes, and their soft but firm touch is the best for readjusting your poses.

But let’s be real, those daydreams about your gorgeous yoga instructor are probably best left in the brain and not in practice (unless you really want to go for it, then who am I to stop you?!).

Sorry to break your heart! But there are a few Reasons to Keep Your Relationship with Your Yoga Teacher Strictly on the Mat

Indeed, if temptation is growing strong to ask that hottie out on a date for some tea and gluten-free desserts, I totally get it. But here are all the reasons you shouldn’t. Don’t worry. They’re all in good fun!

1) You’re just begging to create a distraction for yourself.

It’s hard enough to stay focused with that big bite of gorgeous in the front of the practice room, but focus is an essential part of a yoga practice. The distraction is only to become a million times more powerful if you’ve actually seen what he looks like out of his yoga pants, too! Keeping your eyes to yourself will be damn near impossible.

2) You’ll get stuck.

No, no. Not in a pose. Though if I had a dollar for every time that has happened… oh boy! But think about it for a sec (you know you already have), if you actually got to be with them and experience their mindful, serene, sensual bodies… it’d be sublime. How can anybody else ever compare after that? Might as well put a ring on it and lock them down, because you’ll never be able to look at love the same after them!

3) You’ll become a sweaty betty.

You already sweat enough as it is in class, but so does everybody else so you’ve never been self-conscious about it before. But how much more sweaty will you get when you’ve got the nervous and excited sweats going on. Your heart races and so does your sweat glands. Yikes! Your yoga mat will float away, girl!

4) They’ll be peaceful all the time. Too peaceful.

Sometimes you just want to have a good one-on-one argument, or sometimes you need your lover to have your back in a fight. But how are you going to do that when your beau is an expert in the art of mindfulness? There’s no bringing zen-Ben into a tense environment, that’s for sure. On the up-side, he might just be perfect for diffusing those cat fights you keep finding yourself in!

5) You’ll have to become the best version of yourself.

God, that sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? Yoga instructors know best that their bodies are a temple, and that they need to treat it right. Because of that, they only eat the best most super foods that their favorite blogger has mentioned and they’re always going to want to move, move, move. How can you keep up with that when all you’ve thought about since last night was pizza? We’re on your side here. Kale be damned.

6) You’ll be subjected to their Instagram following.

What yogi doesn’t have a few thousand followers, especially a hot instructor? Sure enough he’s got a fan base looming over his every move. And they’ll all hate you for having what they want. Well, okay, maybe not hate, but you’re going to be the target of envy for sure! Besides, who wants that kind of attention? No thanks, Hank!

7) You’ll always have to wait for them to finish hugging.

You’ve been there yourself. Waiting around after class to ask questions, say thank you, give your teacher a hug, or all three! Everybody does. Only now, instead of being on your own time, you’ll have to wait for them to finish answering questions and giving out a conga line of hugs before you guys can hop over to your fav lunch spot for a post-yoga bite.

8) You’ll get so sick of incense.

When you’re only around it once a week, incense smells amazing. But if it becomes every day, which it will because I’m pretty sure that yoga instructors are fueled by it, it might become the newest thing that you love to hate! Incense, incense galore!

9) You'll say goodbye to your social life

Most yogis have a Uber healthy way if life. They wake up early, as a result, they are in bed very early around 8 or 9 pm. Yep, you guessed it. It means that if you are used to going out with friends at night or if you like to stay out until the early hours of the morning; you might have to change your habits . That is not a bad thing of course but be aware this could potentially be a cause of dispute…

10) You’ll have a second job.

Yoga teachers are patient. They have to be. They know that good things take a lot of work, and because of that, they’re always working hard and putting the time in towards achieving something important to them. It’s not likely that they’d be up for an all-day Netflix binge, and that’s kind of a deal-breaker. He’d probably expect you and encourage you to find things of your own to work towards. Who has the time? Ugh.

11) You’ll have to find a new class.

The down-side to any fling is that it may one day come to an end. Whether it’s an ugly ending or an amicable one, it’d probably become super awkward to continue taking their class after a break up. If you live in a big city, it’s no biggie. But us smaller town folk probably only have one option, so finding a new class isn’t a thing we can just do. Is it worth that risk? Think of how awkward him adjusting your downward facing dog will be after that. Whew. I’ll pass!

To be honest, all this list did was reinforce the dream of dating a yoga instructor for me.The cons are barely negatives, if not entirely positives in disguise.

I’m definitely going to be the sweaty betty in my next yoga class, and now you will be too!

Enjoy your kale and make sure to hide your Snickers, and you’re in for one happy relationship!

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